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Conditions of Membership

1. Membership to Na Fir Dileas is strictly by invite only and is only offered to persons who are prepared to comply fully with the “Na fir Dileas rules and conditions” and are willing to take the necessary oath of loyalty.

2. All new members must be properly proposed (sponsored) and seconded by two existing members of Na Fir Dileas or if this is not possible, to be full vetted by the existing membership prior to a vote being taken as to their suitability for membership.

3. Only persons obtaining a unanimous vote from the existing membership - and after serving the statutory 1-year probation period - will they be permitted membership to Na Fir Dileas. (See note 1).

4. All new members will be expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times and it will be the responsibility of their sponsor and secondary sponsor to insure this is fully observed. (See note 2).

5. All new members will be expected to pay the full annual fees on time or at the request of the Membership secretary (See note 3).

6. All new members must endeavour to educate themselves to a satisfactory degree on all matters of Scottish and Jacobite history.

8. All new members are expected to strive in the pursuit of total authenticity in the manner of their attire (See note 4).

9. No new member will share membership with any other organisation society or group that is deemed by the majority of the membership as being in conflict with the “Aims and objectives of Na Fir Dileas” or create a conflict of interests with ethos of Na Fir Dileas. New members must inform the secretary of membership to any other organisation.


1. A member may choose to abstain from a vote if he or she feels in a position of uncertainty regarding a proposed new member. This will not be counted as a vote against the proposed new member.

2. This will be determined by the members on the basis that each case will be treated individually.

3. Which ever is deemed appropriate at the time.4. To be as historically accurate in 17th or 18th centaury Highland dress as possible. The membership will determine this level of authenticity (See Guide to authentic highland dress).

Fear God, Honour the King

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