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Na Fir Dileas are a cultural, historical and heritage awareness group whose membership is open to all persons over the age of eighteen years (18+), regardless of their sex, race, creed or religion and providing that they agree to abide by the “rules and regulations” of Na Fir Dileas, and that they can prove themselves to be of high moral worth and good social standing.

nfd-membersFormally constituted in 1998, Na Fir Dileas or (The Loyal Men), evolved from an amalgamation of several smaller groups and like-minded individuals all of whom shared the same goals and ambitions. These goals and ambitions were to see the rebirth of the ancient “Kingdom of Scots” and a reinstatement of “The Royal house of Stewart” as its sovereign heads of state. Na fir dileas actively campaign for and support the move for a democratically created independent Scotland, capable of standing on its own merits and shoulder-to-shoulder with all free nations of the world.

Although Na Fir Dileas was first constituted in 1998 it had been around as an organisation in various guises since 1994. It first came into existence as “The Clan Ochil” and was formed by several people with Jacobite sympathies all hailing from the Clackmannanshire area in Scotland. It then went through a period of uncertainty as its membership grew and people from out with Clackmannanshire became more involved. It was then felt by the then current membership that the name “Clan Ochil” had become somewhat unsuitable for a group that was spread throughout the length and breadth of Scotland. Since then the names have ranged from “The King’s Clan Regiment” and “An fir dileas gu Seamus”, before finally settling for its current name “Na Fir Dileas” (The Loyal Men).

members-newNa Fir Dileas are primarily a political and semi religious group; in so much as they are motivated by their “Jacobite” heritage and background and that they carry out their commemoration services with a spiritual and religious undertone. Na Fir Dileas do not back or support any mainstream political or religious organisation whatsoever, nor will they allow themselves to be connected to any organisation that are deem by the membership to be operating in an unlawful or underhanded manner, or in a manner that may be construed as being contrary to the democratic process.

We primarily achieve our aims through education and by holding commemorative services at many of Scotland’s historical sights. These services often take the format of a march (usually trying to re-create the approach to a battle field by a Scottish or Jacobite army or something equally as meaningful) and followed by speeches, an account of what actually happened, prayers, wreath laying and a piper’s lament. In most cases this is usually ensued by a social function with food and live music.

Na Fir Dileas have never hidden the fact that they regard themselves as modern day Jacobites, supporting a monarchy that last reigned in Britain over 300 years ago. A monarchy that is seen in some circles as being totally outdated, obsolete and even extinct. These are views that Na Fir Dileas do not subscribe to in any shape or form whatsoever and they firmly believe that Scotland can only benefit from full independence from the UK and a reinstatement of it’s ancient Royal line, the Royal house of Stewart.

Please enjoy exploring our website, learn about the History of Jacobitism, Events that Na Fir Dileas is hosting or participating and how tojoin us. Feel free to get in touch and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.

Colin Innes, Chief

Fear God, Honour the King

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